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Games Cryptograms
Based on quotes from fiction books.
Games Village Roads
A tile-rotation puzzle
with a purely logical solution.
Lyrics rewritten for my nieces
Do your ears hang low?
Do they wobble to and fro?
Can you tie them in a knot?
Can you tie them in a bow?
Do they hang right to the ground
As you toddle all around?

Do your ears hang low?
Fantasy Creatures mutter dragon
a terrible monster, crocodilian, lurking
able to lay eggs that hatch other monsters
a town beset by all manner of strange beasts
may be host to a mutter dragon
(pronounced moo-tah, German for "mother")
Language wypipo as shorthand for "white people"
I read it, I instantly understood it.
as seen here
UI Design scroll bar markers
it'd be great to be able to specify
in html, location-marks
that would show on the scroll bar
for tall pages
Video Games Book of Hours
notes from playing
Conspiracy Theory social apps display 14h
instead of 1:13pm 8/11/2023
so that screen-shots
have no context of time or date,
destroying much of their record-keeping power
Comic from Kenton world-building exercise
professors of magic at the pub
1 panel, sketch
Language purl for "the back of the hand"
opposing the palm
Movies Terror-cotta
a golem-slasher horror flik
Fragment i am clay in my hands
sunbaked perfection
Language rhetorica
as a noun
meaning "a rhetorical question"
as misread here
brief, latin-like, perfect
Want It poetry cookies
like a fortune cookie
but they contain poetry instead
from famous old poets
Fantasy Creatures unicorns
with horns that grow hollow, in different shapes
so the wind makes sounds through them
like a flute or carnyx or didgeridoo
Fantasy Creatures carrion birds
that interlace sticks into the branches of a tree
forming magical patterns
that shoot lightning at animals that come too close
beware of charred and leafless trees with strange patterns in the branches
name: "baghads" (Arabic pronunciation)
Language either means one of two options, therefore
threether or thither for one of three options
fourther or fother for one of four options
fivether or fither for one of five options
sither, sether, aither, nither (homophone to neither), tether, venther, twether
Art animal sketches
Video Games ability selection
each ability has an integer value
you have a level
you can select any abilities that sum to your level
example: deck [1,1,2,3,3,5] at 6th level could yield [3,3] or [1,5] or [1,2,3]
Video Games ability selection
each ability has an integer value
you have five (5) slots
fill them with any abilities, in ascending order, with a consistent step-up between abilities
example: deck [1,1,2,3,4,5,6,10,10,14,15] could yield [1,3,5] or [2,3,4,5,6] or [2,6,10,14] or [10,10] or [14,15]
Video Games map
based on the Toothpick pattern
Fantasy Creatures delightful
creme brulee dragon
Fantasy Creatures wild dogs
that can magically control the buoyancy of water
living in packs in the Mediterranean Sea
they keep themselves afloat and paddle around with long legs and large paws
floating fish to the surface, and sinking birds and swimmers and small boats
they live almost their entire lives in the sea
name: "pocapios" (mangled Italian for "a little rain")
Writing Tinker
Choose Your Own Adventure
dark fantasy
work in progress
Comic My Paranormal Romance
7 pages, complete
Comic Mathimagic
1 page, complete
Video Games game idea
a multi-player civ-building game
using the nested right-triangles map
Video Games game map
based on right-triangles
with all the diagonals going one way
so that a group of triangles can be nested to form one higher-level triangle
Fragment someone's sleeping in my grave
Misremembered Lyrics (from Fleet Foxes "The Shrine")
All of the apples on the trees are green
All the green apples belong to me
The sun shines on me all day and night
Everywhere I walk, I walk in light
Movies Movie List
Other Projects First Names
many first names, filtered by country, without ads
Other Projects Programming Notes
C# / Javascript / etc